Monday, June 13, 2011

Cyberlife 2.0

Everyone wants to know if sexting is cheating.  I want to know if it's dating. You go to chat rooms, with distinctly bar-like names, and talk to total strangers.  Some are real and some seem to think they're in Vegas.  They've got a name for every situation!  Most folks just want to hook up, find a cozy little private space and type 'till they can't see straight. No names, no real conversation, no history, just a quickie in the corner.  Then there are the webcam mistresses, illegal in most bars and chatrooms.  They lure you off to their lair, money changes hands, and everybody's happy.  I don't want either.  I like the people that actually want to talk to you.  They want to know something about you.  Maybe they're hoping the night will end with a trip to ooh lala land, but they're in no rush to get there.

What's the difference between that and a date?  I have a webcam now; I can dress cute and talk face to face.  We could have dinner, drinks, share a movie, even a bag of popcorn if we've both been to the store.  It's all Dutch, of course, and dinner might be from two completely different restaurants, but what's the difference?  I can date a man from anywhere in the world!  We can talk art, share a bottle of merlot, laugh at Jim Carey's dumb line... Sounds good to me.  More than I've been doing.

There have been 'hook-ups', but not every time.  And most of the guys have come back.  It seems they enjoy talking to me.  I enjoy talking to them.  I've been hearing more and more from friends that have met their spouses online. Is this how they did it?  Are these the dates they went on, when they were in Tucson and their future husband was in Toronto?  Have I finally broken through that barricade and joined the dating world?  Or am I just making excuses for needing someone so badly that I'm willing to venture into the newest version of debauchery?

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