Saturday, May 28, 2011

Double Ds with a Webcam

It seems you cannot be single in 2011 without being familiar with chat rooms.  It took a few tries, but I think I got it. My ASL will put some guys off immediately. Fine. Not interested in them anyway.  But a few stick around. They're not intimidated by a 'mature' woman.  The next question, however, eliminates 98% of them. Do I have a webcam? No, I do not own a webcam. My computer is 4 years old, and we've gotten on quite happily without one.  Most of the time I'm in pjs with a scarf on my head, or wearing an enormous Tigger bathrobe.  Just what I want broadcast...   I never knew I'd have to put on lipstick and a sexy top to sit in front of my computer.  The fact is, the webcam guys don't even want a sexy top. They want lipstick, hooker heels and DDs for their viewing pleasure. I have plenty of lipstick.  But I do not, nor have I ever, owned lucite heels.  As far as DDs? We won't even go there!

Apparently, there are plenty of 19-21 year old (according to their profiles) ladies who are in the webcam business.  They bare it all for anyone with a paypal account.  Gender is no object, because I've been approached a few times.  Wow! I thought they were called "chat" rooms. Who knew? The chat rooms themselves don't allow the trade, so the Webcam Mistresses lure you to a friendlier page, where they run your credit card and give you a virtual lap dance.  I suppose they have to find some way to pay for medical school....

I have to say, there have been less then a handful of men that didn't click off as soon as they found out I really wanted to chat.  All have been in their late 30s.  Some did ask about the webcam, but didn't flee when the discovered I was operating low-tech.  Most have been very sweet. If I had met them in person, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this.  But... I met them online. Which means they're not within a 1000 mile radius. Of course!  They can be a sweet and as wonderful and as kind as they want to be, I'll never meet them.  But, like one guy said, why just blow smoke up your ass if we're never going to cross paths?  So I like to think that they really do believe that I'm this really wonderful person.  I hope they actually like getting to know me.  They're good practice.  I can see for myself that men appreciate my personality on it's own merits.  So, as long as that 2% is out there, I guess I'll keep visiting the chat rooms.


  1. Before you say anything, I know all about chat room safety. There are some major crazies all over the internet and I'm not inviting any of them over, even if they are wrapped in a delicious candy coating.

  2. Social media has a way of making life very interesting. :-)